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01 eyewear, the final touch to your flow state

Focus first design

01's eye-ware helps you block distractions, both internal and external. Built for those moments of silence, those moments of passion. Built to Flow.GET YOURS

Anytime, anywhere

Your glasses are with you for the long-grinds, the 2am store dashes and your escapes.ESCAPE

Manage the externalities

Work better, sleep better, feel better. Control the negative influences around you, master your externalities.WORK BETTER

Blue light emitted from devices and your environment directly affects your physiology and how you feel. Causing a cascading effect of ailments that ultimately disrupt what's most important, those moments of flow.

Brain fog and bogged thinking

Ocular dryness and irritated eyes

Blurred, distant vision

Headaches and migraines

Circadian rhythm disruption

We created the world's best glasses for laptop based workers. For the Entrepreneurs, Traders, Designers, Developers, Chess Players, eSport Athletes, Producers, Makers, Artists and Thinkers. Zoom friendly, colour sensitive, badass-looking glasses for the Flow Mode Seekers.

Key features

Flow mode

Block out blinding distractions and focus on what's in front of you. Purpose built for those 'aha' moments, the 6 hour sessions that feel like 15 minutes.

Manage the negatives

Built for the long grinds, without the negatives. Prevent headaches, eye strain and other nuisances before they even appear, so you can focus on what's important.

Deep consistent sleep

Take true control over your circadian rhythm, manage your melatonin for consistent deep sleeps that leave you waking up fresh, on time, without the fog.

Functional aesthetics

Purposely designed for, all-scenario wear. For your passions, pleasures and parties.

Futuristic materials

Made with unique 3D printing technology called selective laser sintering. Which alows to create progressive design with perfectly balanced and lightweight frame with outstanding wearing comfort.

Constant customer support

Prescriptions, breaks, unfortunate accidents? We're here to help, no matter the need.


For me these are a musthave for people who work at the computer or suffer from dry eyes and discomfort from the monitor (I had them every day closer to the evening), now I even lost the need to drip my eyes in the evening. I feel like a cyber-ninja in them, the code is written many times faster

Daniel Voronin

My eyes are almost never tired, working capacity increases several times over plus the design which I fell in love with at first sight. It is also perfect for those who like to ride a scooter, sand and all kinds of debris does not fly into the eyes. (Use the glasses outside at your own risk - 01 team)

Bohdan Rub

If you're just sitting there with spreadsheets, looking for charts or whatever, and you're mostly working at night then these glasses are a must-have.

Alex Nogorny

Competitor Advantage

Warby Parker
Zero One
sensitive work
Anti-glare lens
for zoom calls
Frames purpose built
for laptop-based work
proof lenses
design for flow

Adverse health effects from blue light rays and how to avoid them

Like it or not, 99% of our daily work and leisure-related activities happen on internet-connected devices. Even when we decide to relax offline, our subconscious often drags us back into some form of internet use within minutes...

Learn more

How our lens protection works?

HEV rays (400-420) on the infographics damage lutein and make retina of the eye stressed. Using our lens you treat your lutein pigment in a right way, that means - filtering harmful rays’ spectrum before hitting photoreceptors which provides better visual acuity and the ability to distinguish trifles – preventing clouding of the lens and destruction of the retina, which preserves the youth of the eyes

Lens Technology

Organic 1.56 index lens, individually ground and polished from a cast lens blank with 100% UV protection.

Designed to offer the highest visual protection in any environment. Natural lenses act as a protective filter for the eye, and absorb these potentially harmful light radiations. They protect the eye completely, blocking UV rays and high-energy blue light up to 420 nm, while allowing for normal colour perception.

Coating features:


Thanks to the use of additional oleophobic layers, the surface of the lens becomes 10 times more resistant to dirt and grease. This increases its durability and guarantees excellent performance. A special hardening layer is applied to both sides of the lens in order to extend its scratch resistance and protect it against daily wear and tear. This hardening layer is applied by dipping the lens into special enamels of different refractive indexes so as to lend it a high degree of abrasion resistance.

Achromatic coating against rear reflections. Our lens treatment provides an excellent, multilayer coating that reduces reflections on the surface of the lens.

Cuts off the harmful blue spectrum from digital devices and artificial lighting. They protect the eye completely, blocking UV rays and high-energy blue light up to 420 nm, while allowing for normal colour perception.

The technology shields the eyes from potential damage caused by exposure to UV 400 rays. Ultraviolet
(UV) radiations are in the invisible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, between 100 nm and 400 nm, and they are
divided into three bands (UVA, UVB and UVC) based on biological effects.

UV-A rays affect the eye entirely
Zero One Korean technology lens completely eliminates UV rays up to 400 nm.

Repellent layer that allows water and grime to slip off of the surface of the lens, thereby avoiding hard-to-remove deposits that risk ruining the lens. Easy clean and anti-static surface.


Now you can buy 01 glasses with pre-order price. We gonna have 4 drops of the glasses with different delivery dates and prices. Don’t hesitate to book the earliest batch.

Do you straggle with insomnia, headache and eye strains while spending in your laptop half of your life? 01 glasses will block out harmful blue rays coming from your laptop, mobile and monitors that are causing health issues like that:
- Bad sleep
- Eye strains
- Headache
- Dry eyes
- Blurred vision
- Lack of concentration

We are working on option to order this service on a website. But you can buy our no-prescription frames, which are made for installing any prescription spectecls. You can do it in the optics in your city.

We care a lot about your unpacking experience, just wait for it. You will find inside:
- 01 glasses
- Designer soft case
- Cleaning cloth
- Lens cleaner
- Brand stickers